Workshop "CS Education Infrastructure for All: Interoperability for Tools and Data Analytics”.

Second SPLICE Project workshop, in conjunction with SIGCSE 2018

Dates de début et fin de la manifestation: 
21 février, 2018
This is the second workshop of SPLICE community (Standards, Protocols, and Learning Infrastructure for Computing Education) organized in association with NSF-supported project Community-Building and Infrastructure Design for Data-Intensive Research in Computer Science Education. More information about SPLICE could be found at and more information about the workshop 
The purpose of this workshop is to bring together CSEd researchers, data scientists, and learning scientists who are interested to contribute to the joint effort of designing and building an infrastructure for data-intensive research in CSEd. CSEd infrastructure should support (1) broader re-use of innovative learning content that is instrumented for rich data collection, (2) formats and tools for analysis of learner data, and (3) development of best practices to make collections of learner data available to researchers. The workshop focus will be on how our tools can better interoperate, and how we can share both data and analysis tools to improve educational research efforts across the discipline and beyond. We will report progress to date, present initial reports from working groups, and plan activities for the coming year. 

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